Fiat Ducato Shines with its Efficient Engines and High Payloads

Reconditioned Fiat Ducato engines 11
Mar 20

Being popular among the masses the maker does have a large responsibility

Fiat Ducato is not a van that is not bought by many. This is a very popular van in the European commercial van categories. The styling is as always the same but some changes can make it attractive. But why the brand does not make any such changes.

Well, when an already established idea is already so much popular and has sales on why to change it. So the Fiat Ducato remains same and shining. But the exact reason why this van is so much popular is its fuel efficiency and the volume number which it can carry. Fiat Ducato engines for sale are made compliant with the hard work these have to do.

Being a van the practicality matters much more than any of the other aspects. But the idea has changed with the need for assistance and relaxation for the driver. Still many do not think that it should be an essential element. The main purpose of this van is to carry the load and it does that well.

The utility is depicted in every aspect and so is in the interior. It is not liked by many but it has its utility side very strong which covers any other aspect. From the big fleet operators to motor home conversions the van is popular for any use.

The new 2.3-litre engine line up

For the 2019 update, the vehicle has been given a new engine range with a 2.3-litre capacity. This obeys the Euro 6D rules and standard for carbon emission. Euro 6D rules are the newest ones that make the check and balance stricter.

There is also a variable geometry turbocharger attached to all these engines which means more performance can be extracted. There are four variations to this single unit. 120hp is the lowest with 320 Nm torque. The next one is a 140hp engine with 350 Nm torque.

160hp is the higher level having 380 Nm torque or with the optional automatic gearbox, the torque rises to 400Nm. The range-topper is a 180hp engine with 400 Nm and with optional automatic transmission torque here also rises to 450Nm.

These are car-like figures but the engines have more pulling power. The reason to keep only one unit is to maintain simplicity for which this van is mostly known for positively. Reconditioned Fiat Ducato engines make your work time easier and worry-free in case the engine is troubling.

Why flexibility for the higher end engines

As said before the van can be used for carrying lighter or for heavy work on a large scale. In the first case, the engine needs to work less and as the load is low the vehicle can do the job with lower powers.

But as the load becomes heavy or when you are going to use the vehicle as a camper van then obviously more power is needed. The optional automatic transmission is going to give the driver relaxation during the hard work and it also provides more tire power to help out the engine more.

And especially when in the case of mountain region travelling the owner is going to thank the brand for giving the choice. Fiat engine fitting service is there to provide the customer with the best quality fitting to maintain the engine in the best way and carry on using the vehicle as it used to be in the first place.

Now the engine size has increased of the vehicle and so is there is some weight gain. This does reduce the fuel efficiency somewhat and so is the payload capacity but still this one has both sides covered very reasonable when compared to the rivals.

All the important things covered

Every Ducato is loaded with some very useful features even if they are limited prove to be very handy. Standard across the range is Bluetooth connectivity and air conditioning. But the second facility is missing in the base model.

There is also touch screen and satellite navigation present in the van which makes sit a bit modern. But even when this is in its basic form the way it works is great. The size of the touch screen is 5.0 inches and 7.0 inch also as it was increased with the recent upgrade.