Ford Gives Focus RS Mountune a 370bhp Engine with Performance Package

Ford Focus RS 2016 8
Aug 16

Ford unveils an even hotter Focus RS with powerful 370bhp Ford engine and a Mountune performance package

Finally, Mountune – the specialist Ford Focus tuner – has declared the tuning phase system of the newly announced RS. They have announced multi-phase tuning plan for the new Ford Focus RS that will consist of phase-1 and phase-II and will get different tune-ups. Phase one has been completed however the 2nd phase will be optional for the customers.

Ford Focus RS engine Tune-Up

The details of the phase 1 have been revealed where a brand new Ford Focus Engine has been introduced with the capability of cranking out 370bhp with the muscular pulling power of torque of around 510Nm, a monstrous engine for the wildest hot hatch on the Ford model line-up. This Ford engine enjoys a noticeable increase in the horsepower and the torque over the casual Ford engines even they are being used in the GT models. Power to weight ratio matters a lot and this engine enjoys a 25bhp increase in the horsepower section and 40Nm in the torque with the same weight ratio.

New tuned up Ford Focus RS takes 4.2 seconds to reach the benchmark sprint of 62 miles per, previously it was 4.5 seconds. The Mountune tune up has not disturbed the top speed of the RS and it remains 165 miles per hour.

What this tune-up costs?

The tune up cost to get this modified engine is not that hefty that an average RS buyer cannot afford, it is merely £899 in the UK. If a Focus RS buyer wishes to take an engine tune-up on his Ford Focus RS, it will take only 2 to 3 hours at any Mountune dealership in the UK. With every tune-up, the manufacturer warranty will not suffer and it will remain three years or 60,000 miles from the date of purchase.

What Mountune performance pack include?

The Mountune performance pack is made up of several up rated parts and other materials. There are high-performance air filters, new and modified silicon hoses and ducts. There will be a modified air recirculation valve and an ECU remapping system in the performance pack as well. New tyres powered by Michelin and a Quaife Differential will also be available but with some extra cost because these two features are not the part of Phase 1 modifications. Mountune has a long history of being a proud partner of Ford Motors and has a capability of unlocking the power blocks of Ford Engines to unleash the mountains of power from ford engines. Ford Boss of engineering section Tyrone Johnson said that boosting the power up to 370 horsepower will make the Ford Focus RS a class leading hatch in the market.

It was also confirmed by Ford boss that all the parts which have been entitled for use in the performance pack are being tested under the extreme track conditions to confirm the performance of the new tuned up hatch. The Nurburgring race track is being used to test the performance of the tuned up model for reliability.