The Jaguar is ready to hunt Macan down

Jaguar C-X17 11
Apr 14

A New Jaguar Is Ready To Penetrate the Auto Market; It Is C-X17 SUV

The new Jaguar SUV is ready to hunt the Porsche Macan in 2016 when it goes on sale, so it is two years of time for the Macan to grow and then ultimately get caught by the Jaguar. Anyways, these statements are like star wars but our focus is on the facts where Jaguar C-X17 featuring the same all aluminium structure and powerful engines as the XE models.

Thanks to the indigenously rear-drive chassis, the C-X17 is intended to face the Porsche Macan head on as a crossover cum sports car having solid on-road dynamics, while Land Rover focuses on luxury with entire families of the off-roaders such as, the Range Rover and Discovery. Hailed within a ‘sports crossover’, the C-X17 will be the subsequent model in the big-sized SUVs in Jaguar’s account. It’s a part of well thought plan that has to boost up Jaguar’s annual sales.

Although the C-X17 concept was quite lesser than its production model, the real car is obviously quite sizeable. That’s not a shocker. Last year the global marketing director of Jaguar, Steven de Ploey, said: “We aim to attract younger, more cosmopolitan buyers with active lifestyles. We’re hoping that will include more women buyers and more customers with young families.” He further added that he considers 90 per cent of customers as new to the Jaguar brand.

This C-X17 was first shown at Los Angles Auto Show last November and the chief designer of this model Ian Callum said; “It’s an innovative sports crossover – one that uniquely combines our exciting sports car heritage with flexibility, usability and space. It is a Jaguar, but in a completely different form. It demonstrates our desire to push the boundaries of technology, performance and, of course, design to a whole new level.” Let’s wait and see how C-X 17 will attack the market after its introduction in 2016.