Mazda 6 a Leading Mid-Size Four Door

Mazda 6 5
Jan 18

Repelling boredom that exists in this category

Most of the people opt for family saloons that are close to what they have in mind, but they seldom get what they want. You want to have luxury, style and energetic engine in the mid-sized category then Mazda 6 is in the market ready to give you its best. The facelift in 2017 added some really good changes that further enhance the vehicle.

There are three trim levels to choose from; Sport, Touring, and Grand Touring. There are no changes in the exterior portion except for the grill that was upgraded according to the rest of the body style. From inside there have been some more changes that upped the scale of quality inner accessories used to depict before.

The only thing that restricts this one from being on sale is its limited engine range, apart from this one cannot say that this less choice in any way lessens the excellence Mazda 6 shows on the road.

Engine Choice

Throughout the range, there is only one engine that powers this Mazda model 2.5-litre inline-4. This is the only choice but it will not disappoint the buyer as this one uses direct injection, variable valve control, and a high 13:1 compression that ensures fuel economy.

All these factors do not point towards any reduction in the engine performance. As the energy, this one produces 184hp and 185 pound-feet of torque. And if you go for the installment of optional stop/start and an energy revitalizing system called i-eLoop it can reach the high level of 40mpg. All the range is front-wheel drive accompanied by either a six-speed manual transmission or automatic transmission. The automatic ones are speedy than the other one.

The way it Drives and Handles is Awesome

With the brisk drive and a timing of 7.6 seconds with automatic transmission and 8.1 seconds in the manual one to reach 60 mph, you are certainly talking about a driver’s car. If you are a family man but have a flare of driving then you are going to love this machine.

It’s engaging drive and responsive engine adds a plus point to the ride quality. With a mere tap, the engine will instantly gain speed leaving no argument for its run. The cabin is hushed and even if the paddle is pressed harder for more rev, the engine will not complain roughly.

For the handling side again there are no big problems, which can underrate it and make it undesirable. Road grip is good and steering is communicating increasing the confidence of the driver.

Interior Space and Quality

Overall the head and leg room are good for the occupants but with taller ones, there can be a slight unease. The front seats remain comfortable even after several hours ride but it is the rear where the problem persists.

Ignoring this, the excellence of material used is really good with class showing even at the startup level. Technology is according to the present safety as well as entertainment and facilitation level. This ride can match in many ways to the luxury cars and this is where it stands out among the rivals.