Mercedes Sprinter 309 is a Sincere Worker and Entertainer

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Oct 19

Pleasing the driver all the way but keeping its utilitarian purpose alive

Mercedes has made Sprinter 309 a perfect van to drive and carry people or load at the back. You can notice how much this company has put efforts in presenting a vehicle which is fit for commercial use but wither perfect driving dynamics.

With this factor, there is the relaxation side. It ensures that the driver is relaxed while doing tough work all day long. There is nothing much special in the exterior to describe apart from the three-point star.

It is the interior which is noteworthy to describe and holds much of the share of success for this transport. There are a lot of body variations for the range and from these, the van can be ordered with the choice that suits the buyer.

But what is made sure in every form is that there is everything present to make a victorious whole. The load area is saturated with features to keep the goods inside safe and loading and unloading easy. With the passenger carrier version, there is comfort guaranteed for every one of them.

Engine side has a fun part as well as the economy. Mercedes engine suppliers have some very useful deals to avail when needed. Reconditioned Mercedes Sprinter 309 engines can be very useful when you don’t want to buy a new one.

Meaningful engine line-up

There are three engines in total from which you can choose the one that suits you. There is only one petrol choice and it has a power of 188 hp and 258 lb-ft torque. Next is the diesel range with the first one having 161 hp. This is a turbo-diesel four-cylinder engine with 266 lb-ft torque.

The other one is a turbo-diesel V6 having 188 hp and 325 lb-ft of torque. Not anyone of these has lesser power or less capability to carry the load to its full capacity. The engines are smooth and quick. There is no arguing from them when passing on the highway or going in low revs.

For the work this vehicle is meant to do there is immense power from the engines that raise its worth. Mercedes has done the job well for this one. Engine noise is hushed to a large extent and the ones that do come while driving the diesel are not disturbing at all.

Come on you can give this much relaxation for it being a van. Mercedes Sprinter 309 engines for sale are refurbished so that these can be used to make your life easy with engine replacement.

The interior changes

The interior has now got more sophistication to give the driver a good feel while inside. There is plastic everywhere inside but of high quality. Cup holders have increased for both the sides at the front. The button style has changed to HVAC buttons and the same is for the air vents.

There are touches of metal inside to give a fresh look to the cabin. The driver’s seat and the front passenger seat has no boundary. There is no centre console which allows for more space to the passenger. There are inside a Wi-Fi hotspot and many connection slots also.

You can also have wireless charging but it comes as an option. There are also USB outlets available. Android Auto and Apple Car Play are also present. The interior has changed the way to look at vans.

The previous flat impression has been changed with these and more infotainment changes. But this is a work purpose van and the simplicity inside out depicts its utilitarian nature.

What else is there to appreciate?

The van has the options to make it a really good campaign van whenever wanted. There is a Wi-Fi hotspot and you have the slots. There is also a “Hey Mercedes” command which is particular to Mercedes’s own version of Siri and Google assistant.

You can find places easily with this and also change the van’s environment according to your command. At the start, problems are adapting to it and it adapting to you but things will be tidy up as time proceeds.

The vehicle has such driving characteristics that make you forget that it is a large thing you are driving. You can easily mistake it for a relaxing drive at the weekend than going to work.