Mercedes Sprinter 311 Highly Rated Cargo Carrier

Mercedes Sprinter 311 19
Jun 19

The front cabin has comfort and good tech features which normally not part of commercial vans

In the commercial van segment Mercedes Sprinter 311 is considered a premium cargo van option. Mercedes is a vehicle producer which is known for its ability to maintain the hallmark of engine excellence and the same is true for this van.

Remanufactured Mercedes Sprinter 311 engines are done with great care so that the buyers could enjoy the real characteristics of the unit. Performance is the main focus when Mercedes Sprinter 311 engine reconditioned by the expert staff.

Tweaks are applied to improve the conditions of power hub to the optimum level so when such a used engine is get fitted in an old vehicle it gives it a new life for years to come.

Mercedes Sprinter 311 engines supply and fitting are usually done by the same source and in the UK the same practice is observed. The front cabin has comfort and good tech features which normally not part of commercial vans so the vehicle has a definite edge over the other.

At the same time, the van is costly too but the big name, higher reliability and practically build loading bay justify it. Steel chassis makes it heavy but at the same time tougher to carry loads.

This Sprinter can tow over 3 tons

Length of the van is almost 23 feet and width is just short of 8 feet so one can see how much capacity it has as far as carrying volume. The wheelbase is over 13 feet and can be categorized as one of the best cargo vans in the UK. The load bay area is 14.11 feet in length and height goes to 6.36 feet.

Width of the same is 5.84 feet and with these dimensions, quite a lot can be transported. Ground clearance of the loading area is 2.20 feet and loading and unloading are rather easy at the back. This Mercedes Sprinter can tow over 3 tons and it is a huge number.

The inline four-cylinder 2.2-litre diesel engine pulls the van reasonably well so you do not feel it lagging behind even when loaded fully. Top speed is 82mph and it reaches to 60mph speed mark in over 11 seconds. Front and rear disc brakes make driving safer.

A big fuel tank of 75 litres does not need to be refilled again and again as fuel average is also good. Among other assistance, you also get Anti-lock braking system, traction control system and brake assist. The driver has a sense of protection when thinking of the aides.

Five-speed transmissions function automatically

On a combined cycle it ensures a fuel average over 14kml which is higher on the highway and lower on the roads within the city. Carbon emission meets Euro6 standard and is 188g/km so the van has good prospects throughout Europe and elsewhere.

Yes, it is a diesel engine and in compliance with the level set for the engines of this genre. Two-wheel drive with rear wheel configuration is standard with no other option. Five-speed transmissions function automatically so the driver just needs to press the speed or brake pedals.

Long service intervals make it an economical choice in the long run so the buyers can ignore the price over the savings of future. Main and low beams are halogen lights and side mirrors have turning signals too. Total engine output is 114bhp and torque is 300Nm and the Sprinter never let you push the pedal harder to make it work.

Nine different body styles

At the front, there are seats for two persons and has four doors in total. The range of Sprinter vans is wide and it has passenger vans as well as cargo carriers. It has been in the market for the last 2 years and successfully keeps evolving over the years to meet the changing needs of the van buyers.

Nine different body styles provide the required variety and make it harder for the customers to think of any other alternative. Other Sprinter vans have more powerful engines too and they surely pull more efficiently and can carry more load than Sprinter 311.

Handling is generally good and with lots of load at back, good handling trait is necessary for smooth driving of the van. Four-wheel drive option is also present in some models of the range.