Mercedes Sprinter 413, a Reliable Van for Commercial Purposes

Mercedes Sprinter 413 11
Feb 20

List of safety features is long just like variations so there are advantages too

Mercedes Sprinter vans are comfortable, the well-equipped base model and easy to drive. Among large vans, it is considered as one of the best for laden with tech features and engine performance.

Entry-level Sprinter is highly-priced and vans with similar cargo space are cheaper than it tough not technologically advanced. You come across Mercedes Sprinter engines for sale while looking for used Mercedes Sprinter engines. The average fuel average for these large vans is recorded 14.5mpg.

The base-level model starts with a high price but expensive models reach almost double the price of the entry-level Sprinter. Adding optional features further increases the price as in the case of most vehicles. It is available in body types of van, chassis cab, minibus, and pickup truck.

Maintenance and repairing cost of the van is also on the higher side. List of safety features is long just like variations so there are advantages too for buyers of Sprinter. Four-wheel drive option and diesel engines are present in the line-up.

You find a good bit of all features in this van but still, you need to pay extra as compared to rivals. You are at liberty to select from a variety of wheelbases body styles. Cargo and passenger vans under Mercedes Sprinter badge have a total of 31 variations.

It is the only van in this segment that offers four-wheel-drive so bait is there for buyers interested in thrilling drive experience. The tough climate also demands this configuration to keep driving.

The van has a wide price range and variations

Features include active cruise control equipped with assistance to distance, brake assistance, downhill speed control, windshield wiper cleaning, blind-spot monitoring and crosswind assistance to enhance stability. Mercedes Sprinter 413 engines UK has the power of 161bhp which is good enough to pull this large van.

The latest model of the van has more safety features than ever before. The van has a wide price range and variations so you can easily find the best option for your needs. However, it is better to opt for a low priced Mercedes Sprinter to have an optional package which offers many active safety systems.

A camera of 360 degrees view is a special package that should not be missed. All different Sprinter vans have two engine choices. Another 3.0-litre V6 diesel is also present for more power to pull. A 2.0-litre engine of four-cylinder gives a nice output to pull this large vehicle. Diesel models of the van come with seven-speed auto transmissions and four-wheel drive.

Seats are designed to keep occupants comfortable

Two basic reasons behind the popularity of new Sprinter are comfort and refinement. The interior also has a feel of fine quality as the stuff used to build it is of good quality. Mercedes Timing chain is also available by suppliers of used car engines.

Particularly on a highway interior is quiet which is appreciated as no noise enters the cabin. Seats are designed to keep occupants comfortable after hours of travelling. A package to make getting in and out easier is also available so you can enhance your comfort by paying for it.

These vans are spacious too so no one complains about space shortage. In cargo vans, you get 523.6 cubic meters of space and it is larger than what rivals offer. For passenger vans, it has capacity for 12 who can enjoy a ride in Sprinter with the desired comfort.

A bigger passenger van version van capacity to carry people is increased to 15. Entertainment options for this class of vehicles’ is not a priority so you would not find the greater focus of larger manufacturers on the provision of the same. You can have these features in your van by picking them from a list of options.

The standard audio system has AM/FM radio, small LCD screen, Bluetooth connectivity, and a single USB port. If you need apart from these basic entertainment specs then you need to pay extra.

The features you will miss

The features you will miss in such an expensive vehicle are on-board Wi-Fi, Apple Carplay and Android Auto. Three years or 36000 miles warranty from Mercedes is typical for vehicles of this range. Engine warranty for one hundred thousand miles or five years is better than most of the rivals.

This large size van has its qualities which are offered in one van so buyers have certain appeal to buy. There are some features of the van like ride quality and refinement which are of high quality so none of the rivals matches. Most important is the Mercedes badge and people are ready to pay for it.