New SEAT Ibiza 2017 with MQB A0 Platform

SEAT Ibiza 2017 3
Apr 17

New SEAT Ibiza supermini gets VW MQB A0 platform tech and all the modern features

SEAT, for so long the hitched child of the VW group and now finally! It is shining with the flying colors. Sales are soaring, thanks in no small section to the extremely good Azteca SUV and two extra SUVs due to arrive in the coming year and now the Ibiza supermini has been chosen to debut with the group’s modern and small automobile technology. VW has all its focus on the city cars these days and the new SEAT Ibiza is an example.

The MQB A0 Platform

This is the primary car to be offered with the brand new MQB A0 small car platform, with all the light-weight and hi-tech benefits that it brings with. Sure, the Ibiza before VW Polo, Audi A1, Skoda Fabia and a host of SUV spin-offs. That would’ve been very unlikely only some years ago, mostly the SEATs are typically following the rule as their sister cars, but in general, some changes are based on the type of market, it focuses and performance figures.

Seat Ibiza Engines

The 114bhp 1.0-litre 3-cylinder turbo charged engine is punchy with 0-62mph in 9.3 seconds, while it is frugal and has a claimed fuel economy of 60.1mpg on average. There’s somewhat of a 3-cylinder growl when you push rough, but most of the time things are really calm. At a motorway cruise, you’ll hear the wind rushing through the angular door mirrors, however that’s extra due to the total silence inside. The gearshift is smooth and convenient, while the steering is assertive and secure, however, an additional MQB trait is actually a big plus.

What’s to not like?

With the brand new Ibiza that new MQB A0 platform means the new city car is roomier than ever before, regardless of being a 2mm shorter. Its 87mm wider and a smidge short than the previous car, with the wheelbase fraught through 95mm – excellent in numbers and pretty remarkable, too. The automobile appears as a lower, wider, whilst the interior is also super good with great space inside. It’s quiet on the road – very quiet indeed.


The all-new Ibiza FR trim comes with the 3 cylinder engine in the UK. It is a bit harder to beat than different models thanks to its 17-inch alloys and stiffer suspension, but it’s not uncomfortable over bumps and it eliminates the tiny bump rolls which are even coming up to the seat in other models. Interior is well built and there’ll be no complaints about head, leg and shoulder room. the front is beautiful excellent, too, at the same time three-door model has been ditched as has the ST estate variant, leaving simply this 5-door model and the upcoming Arona SUV manufactured on the MQB A0 platform.

So all is looking excellent up to now and things get even higher with regards to the greatness of the model. SEAT’s Martorell factory, where the Ibiza and the depiction close Audi A1 shall be manufactured on the same platform. We can’t suppose the new Polo will look this good as the new Ibiza is.