OMG! This is the Best Volkswagen Tiguan Ever!

Volkswagen Tiguan 2016 24
Oct 16

How Volkswagen Tiguan SE Will Change the Way You Drive with new refined 2.0-litre diesel engines?

Even a mid-spec SE has a satellite Navigation system, Refined and frugal 2.0 litre Volkswagen TDI diesel engines which will produce bulk torque and expected to be the most popular choice in the segment with the prices starting from £22,000 in the UK.

Why New Volkswagen Tiguan?

You might be thinking that why the old Tiguan model has been replaced with this new model line-up, when the old line up was competing with its rivals with higher sales and everything.

The reason given by the experts is that the longer new Tiguan will stay on the market, the better the sales. Last year Volkswagen Tiguan has enjoyed the best sales of all years in 2015. This is the 2016 model and offers a great range of new features and will tackle the number of giant rivals in the market, where the names like Ford Kuga, Kia Sportage, Hyundai Tucson, Nissan Qashqai, Renault Kadjar and the most exclusive models from BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

BMW has offered the X1 and Mercedes-Benz has introduced the GLA SUV. The new Tiguan range starts from £22,000 and the range-topping models called R-Line starts from £36,000 in the UK.

What new Tiguan Promises?

The all-new Tiguan promises more classy looks and improved practicality over its predecessors. The all-new Tiguan uses the same structure as of the new Passat, Golf and Touran models.

New models are much roomier wider and longer than its predecessors. This longer body offers more space inside the cabin and even more boot space. The brightest factor is that the new Tiguan engines are more efficient ever than the old engines and these engines are fuel economical too.

The described model sits in the middle of the range and has a 2.0 litre TDi diesel engines. These engines are capable of generating 150bhp. Let’s have a look at the engine line-up used in the VW Tiguan.

VW Tiguan Petrol and diesel engines, plug-in hybrid to follow

The all-new 2016 Tiguan engine line-up consists of all kind of power units from petrol to diesels. Apart from powerful diesel engines, VW has a range of excellent petrol engines, starting from 1.4-litre TSI with two power variants from 123bhp and 148bhp.

The all new diesel engines have 2.0 litre capacity but this line up has four power variants. The power range starts from 108bhp, 187bhp, and 237bhp but the fourth version will be joining the line up a bit later. This engine is under development to deliver better fuel economy.

The 148bhp model will take the biggest part of the sales in the UK. The plug-in hybrid version is likely to arrive next year. There are both transmission options available in the UK, a DSG twin-clutch automatic transmission with 4Motion technology and a manual transmission. The Tiguan is expected to capture massive sales portion in the SUV segment in the UK.