Renault Asks for Stable Dealership Network in the UK

Renault 22
Aug 16

Renault UK managing director Paul Flanagan asks for the stable and strong dealers network to stable the sales after Brexit

Renault has started working on its position in the UK after Brexit and changed the managing director for the UK. Renault has launched a new model of Megane with heavily updated Renault Megane engine, new Megane Sport Tourer and Scenic are coming in couple of months as well. New managing director Paul Flanagan has taken charge of the position not so long ago.

He urged that the Renault dealers in the UK will benefit from focus on the stability. Even after the Brexit, when other automakers are struggling from the uncertain market conditions as pound has plunged by more than 10 percent in last months after 23rd of June when the UK people have opted to leave the European Union. Renault is coping with growing sales demand in the UK and strengthen their network of dealers across the UK.

New managing director took his post a month before the Brexit happened on 23rd of June. Renault has also achieved the highest sales record in first half of 2016 and they have sold 21 percent more vehicles in the UK, compare to last year.

They are now targeting further growth in the UK by asking for more suitable actions. Renault is focusing on the dealerships in the UK and trying to optimise the sales operations across the UK. Renault has excellent customer services record in the UK and has won several awards but now the business is entering into the new era of enjoying a success period but it will be a challenge for the automaker to sustain the growth in the UK when there is a great uncertainty.

What Renault thinks about the situation?

New managing director thinks that the market pressure will not affect the strategy of their sales boosting process. He says that this is not his first job and he has started to implement the change but in the UK, the focus is to sustain the growth and stability.

He further explained that Renault has had a growth of 130 percent since 2013. There is a major part of dealerships in the growth of sales in the UK. Now they again have similar concerns to get their position on the top in the UK market. He further says that Renault will continue growing in the UK without any new investments but with the help of our business partners e.g. our dealers.

What dealers expected to do?

New management of Renault UK has told the dealerships that if the servicing lead time grow, dealers will work to eliminate the delays and change the situation even if it is a one hour service or an off the station issues. They will be monitoring and handling the situation more innovatively and hard handed.

How big is Renault Network?

Renault has a network of around 170 dealerships where around 20 outlets were added last year and 13 so far in 2016. Overall it is a sufficient network of dealers for any automotive manufacturer. Renault management has seen the C-Segment shifted towards SUVs and it is a trend which will actually benefit Renault in future.