Mercedes C-Class: A Closer Look at the Iconic Luxury Saloon

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Feb 23

How the Mercedes C-Class Continues to Evolve and Innovate The Mercedes C-Class has made history as an iconic luxury saloon car since its conception in 1993, and the spectrum of executive cars it offers continues to be of the highest class. With a commitment to quality and innovation, the C-Class continually evolves to stay ahead […]

Mercedes C200 Estate has Number of Advantages over Rivals

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May 21

Claimed fuel average of 43 mpg is hard to make a reality Buyers like a car that works with flexibility. Offers comfort to riders and have enough space for cargo too. Mercedes C200 is one such car and quite popular among buyers. It covers long distances as well as manoeuvre easily on busy roads. Rear […]

Mercedes C200 CDI is Good Competition for Rivals

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Feb 21

Mercedes C class has a number of options and both petrol and diesel engines are present in the line-up Mercedes C200 is a usual upscale car so buyers only can compare it with other cars in the class. Chassis is not sharp so cornering not great but you can ignore it if you do not […]

Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake at Geneva

Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake 19
Mar 15

What experts say about this car is that it has extra space for luggage and sweet ride on bumpy roads. It has been a while since we heard any news from German car maker, Mercedes, but at the Geneva Motor Show 2015, it came with five new models. Yes! that’s right, we talking about the […]