The CCTV Traps For Car Drivers – Infographic

CCTV against car drivers INFOGRAPHIC featured image 24
Apr 14

Find out how UK councils are using CCTV’s to generate revenue. You will not believe how much they make off car drivers. The data used in this infographic was obtained by Big Brother Watch, a civil liberty group. Do not forget to share and like this infographic if you think its worth it.

CCTV Cameras; An Extensive Source Of Income For UK Local Councils

Parking Enforcement Cameras 17
Apr 14

CCTV cameras across the UK have brought in almost £312 million in parking and traffic fines between March 2008 and March 2013 There are thousands of CCTV cameras used for 24/7 surveillance on local roads, motorways and parking places across the UK. They are supposed to be playing a vital role in increasing the road […]