The CCTV Traps For Car Drivers – Infographic

CCTV against car drivers INFOGRAPHIC featured image 24
Apr 14

Find out how UK councils are using CCTV’s to generate revenue. You will not believe how much they make off car drivers. The data used in this infographic was obtained by Big Brother Watch, a civil liberty group. Do not forget to share and like this infographic if you think its worth it.

Councils In England Make £600m Profit from Parking Fines and Tickets

UK Councils Make 600m in Parking Fines 24
Dec 13

London’s local authorities lead the top 10 with Westminster collecting £39.7million. This morning you are in for a shock. Have you ever wondered that where does the money you pay in fines and parking tickets go?  Well it all goes to the councils as news out this morning shows councils in England have made a […]