Things to Remember in Buying a Car

Wise Decision 2
Sep 15


“Whoever have a gold, will make a rule” Same is true in buying a car. Don’t get in trap and follow this simple guideline to meet this challenge

Buying a new car is not an easy task as it feels it might be. In some cases, even knowledgeable and organised people do make a mistake in buying a car and get themselves into a trouble and panic. It is quite an important decision of life so follow these principles in order to make a wise decision.

First thing first, don’t sign any paper, document or form unless you are 110% committed and completed all homework for buying a car. The point here is “legally binding” once you sign a purchase form. It is common to understand, there is no need of signature for getting quotes only. The dealers propagate that by signing a form, they will hold a price for you. It is a white lie.

Wait a moment, dealer is asking for deposit money in advance, commonly known as the token. Don’t pay a single penny in terms of deposit. It is as similar as you have signed a purchase form. There is a trap of catchy phrases, like, “the lowest ever car deals”  “get your dream offer” “this offer will end today”. Don’t get inspired by these catchy words.

It is an old saying, don’t sign anything unless you read and understand description fully. But it is ironic, people hardly read the terms and conditions section of legal contract when it comes to buying a car.

Yes, It is a fact that a legal contract is not easy to understand and it requires particular expertise, here thumb rule is, ask questions when you read something ambiguous. It is customers’ right to ask as many questions as they want to get answered. If the dealer is unable to answer your questions. Don’t worry.  The world is not going to end here, look for other options. The point is serious implications of legal contract on your ownership of the car.

Remember, Ignorance is a curse and a blessing at the same time. Everyone is working for his own benefits. The car dealers do get the advantage of other’s ignorance. The salesman and dealer in the showroom are trained.

They will tell you the calculated truths to get maximum amount of time. They are expert of doing that and the car sales process is designed in that particular way. Simple is that write down all your needs and requirement after careful consideration and research on engine size offered and other options. Make a list before visiting showrooms for buying a car. Now ask each and everything what you actually want.

It is a fact that car companies have a wide range of models, each coming with different shapes, various engine specification and interior designs, similarly there are different colour options.

There are thousands, if not millions, of car combinations, that huge variety and flexible choices of prices. It has been found that most of the showroom and dealers have popular colour ranges and particular model. They will convince you to go for the exact models and colours, they have available right in their stock even if it comes with a higher price. Listen to them but don’t believe them, make your own choice based on your own particular criteria.