Top 10 Selling Cars of 2017 in UK

Top 10 Selling Cars in 2017 6
May 17

The Ford Fiesta, on the other hand, rules the entire sector of new automobiles, because of the satisfactory-promoting car in the UK

2016 revealed it by using the Society of Motor manufacturers and traders (SMMT) – eclipses the previous sales mark, set in 2015, of 2.6m automobiles with the aid of 2.2%. The record previous to the 2015 figure used to be in 2003, when 2.58m automobiles have been registered.

The Ford Fiesta, on the other hand, rules the entire sector of new automobiles, because of the satisfactory-promoting car in the UK. The point to see is that will it make all this stuff continue for this year as well.  However what other car manufacturers have offered in their cars to get the place in the top ten cars in March 2017? In the event you were in any doubt that the United Kingdom is a nation of auto lovers, then a short look at the current sales charts should reveal otherwise. Last year they have enjoyed a number of different for registrations, and there’s each chance 2017 could be better still. Here in this list we have considered a list of the sales figures in March and set out the 10 best selling cars of 2017 till March 2017. In 2016, the new car sales in the UK make a record for highest number of new cars sold in a year and it was roughly more than 2.7 million cars. However, authorities are predicting that a mixture of economic and political uncertainty will lead to a dip in registrations.

Despite the fiscal uncertainty prompted in Britain’s choice to leave the European Union after Brexit, coupled with a growing distrust of manufacturers encouraged mostly by Volkswagen’s emissions scandal, the UK’s auto-purchasing population is as energetic as ever having registered more automobiles in March 2017 than in every other month on the report. 562,337 registrations, would you believe this? But you have to because the Britain has bought that number of cars.

The whopping 8.4 per cent upward thrust has been noticed at the start of the year, as of 1 April 2017. The government has released a number of FED and excise taxes on the new car registrations were the best automobiles with zero emissions are simply declared as the tax-exempt vehicles, with the relaxation paying a flat every year rate. And even with the pre-tax surge, the Ford Fiesta continues to rule. The smart supermini has evident more than 14,000 registrations than its closest rival – the Ford Focus – in 2017, with 25,428 units sold in the month of March alone. However who else is the part of the highest ten? Scroll down to discover. What are the best selling cars of 2017 up to now? The top ten are listed below and all are based on numbers.

  1. Ford Fiesta – 38,205 registrations

It ought to be alluring for Ford to now without any hassle launching the all-new Fiesta in the UK later this year, as definitely nothing has dampened our enthusiasm for buying the present model. Regardless of its advancing years, it’s nonetheless one in every of our favorite superminis, and hundreds and hundreds of thousands of motorists have chosen to spend their extra money on a Fiesta, including virtually 40,000 of us in the first three months of 2017.

  1. Ford Focus – 23,886 registrations

The Ford Focus is a further stalwart of the best vendor charts, and it’s been a favorite with the family ever on the grounds that the primary generation automobile launched again in 1999. The present model hasn’t drifted too ways from the formula, last sensibly practical, just right-looking and most significantly high-quality mini car get a comfortable ride of it. Little surprise that it’s the runner-up on this record.

  1. Vauxhall Corsa – 21,305 registrations

The Vauxhall Corsa sees a return to its class by using claiming the ultimate stand situation. It completed in the number two spot in 2016 earlier than dropping to seventh by the end of February 2017. 16,045 sales in March 2017 have arrested that droop although, emphasizing that there’s still plenty of life and styles left in the current model. In the new Corsa, Vauxhall makes a number changes to the Vauxhall Corsa Engines compartment and it doesn’t disappoint at any stage when driving. It is a powerful machine while being into the budgets of a common person.

  1. Volkswagen Golf – 19,232 registrations

What’s this? Regardless of a very bad public emissions scandal that has badly damaged the reputation of the German automaker Volkswagen, Golf is still proving itself a very strong vendor in the first quarter of 2017, managing to score the fourth position in the list of top-selling cars in the UK. That’s despite the newly face-lifted model, trendy sale stunning swiftly, with new and multiplied engines plus negligible styling twists within the pipeline.

  1. Nissan Qashqai – 19,071 registrations

It is the best-selling model of Nissan in the UK for ages and it still manages to get the fifth position in the list here. Nissan’s Qashqai with the high-quality body finishes and the best in the class engines has become the best seller as soon as again our list is hardly not expecting a surprise, as it is been vastly standard ever due to the fact it launched. The present model is getting slightly long in the front and is in the chance of being outclassed by the French or German car models where the Japanese automaker has localized its business units and started producing cars in the UK. They are still afraid of the Renault Kadjar ad Seat Azteca. But it is very clear that if there is any reason of being at the top of the list of top 10, the efficiency and performance of engines and a sensible inside has played a vital role.

  1. Vauxhall Astra – 17,915 registrations

Vauxhall is the pure brand for middle-class Britains and it serves the nation like it is only made for the Britons and the interesting thing is that the models manufactured by Vauxhall are actually the Britain products and thus is the all new Astra, it is a real product of Britain, because it’s developed in Vauxhall’s plant in Ellesmere Port in Cheshire. Whether that concerns or not is as much as you, but in different ways – from, riding ability and fuel economy – the Astra is up there with the quality in its class. It’s so good in fact that we awarded it fine Compact car at 2016, making it good priceless of a spot on this list of best selling vehicles in the UK.

  1. Mercedes-Benz C classification – 15,461 registrations

The base luxury model on this list is the Mercedes C-Class, which just sneaked into the top ten best selling cars of 2017. The c-class has a different customer base from company car drivers, to the luxurious family cars and the fleet and business sales without a doubt helped the compact Mercedes. The all new c-class earns such robust selling figures, though exclusive buyers would without difficulty be swayed through its S-class aping appears and superbly crafted interior.

  1. Volkswagen Polo – 15,453 new registrations

VW Polo is one of the best cars ever offered on sale in the UK and now it is in its seventh generation and most of the country, and has sold an extra 10,711 in March which has helped join its position in the list of our top ten selling new cars in the UK. Customers clearly just like the Polo’s combination of body styles, well-built cabin and exclusively design interior. Plus, it also has a great quality to power the driver to make the good driving experience.

  1. MINI – 12,973 registrations

The MINI models are actually the sign of UK’s love for the MINI Models and one of the greatest has been used by MR BEAN in all his comedy series and it is even today very famous. A month in the past the Audi A3 had a position on this list, however a drop in income relative to different competitors have allowed the MINI to enter on the A3’s cost and they sold 2910,003 registrations in March 2017 have helped the little one BMW claim ninth location in the list of top ten cars most registered in the UK. Of the dermis of its teeth, with buyers indisputably convinced by using its mixture of sharp dealing with interior cues and the effective Volkswagen polo engines to please the buyers in the UK as they love to have a mini rather than any other vehicle of its class.

  1. Nissan Juke – 12,935 registrations

It is now seven years when the juke was launched in the UK and the British buyers give these models a due respect and now even seven years from launch, British car buyers can’t get enough of the Nissan Juke. Perhaps it’s the pumped-up SUV styling – it’s certainly produced enough replications, with each person from Citroen to SsangYong leaping on the crossover bandwagon. It’s nearly 13,000 sales in 2017 so far. It is expected that the Juke will remain in the top ten even at the end of the year.