Volkswagen Crafter Loaded With Technology

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Jan 20

A good line up of engines and a good transmission are among the highs

Volkswagen Crafter in its present form does have new things present inside and outside that make the van live up to the present standards. The outer body is now given a sharper nose which feels good to the eyes. But the shape is nothing new as it is taken from the others in the brand.

Volkswagen Crafter engines are not less than perfect. These are designed to carry as much load as the van can carry or have the capacity to move. In three guises the engines are ready to be practical and entertaining enough for this large size.

The interior has got traces of car-like appearance which is good to have a more comfortable environment for the driver as well as the one sitting beside. There is another thing noteworthy of mentioning here which is the technology installed.

The new technology has found its way inside the van and it has made this one a modern yet effective load carrier. The technology is not only added to the inside or for driver assistant it is also present in the engineering part.

Like any other van, it is also present in different body sizes. You can have this car in four-wheel drive, front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive. But the power output form is related to specific body sizes and trims.

Capable 2.0 TDI engines

The engine which these vans are going to get depends upon the size and the engine assigned to it is certainly going to do its job right. The three versions for the 2.0-litre TDI engine are a 102PS, 140PS and 177PS. There is also a 122PS version but it is not offered in the UK.

With all these engines the front-wheel drive is there as standard or as an option. The other two forms are rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive present in specific trims. The engines are designed to be reliable and they have an excellent low rev pull plus there is efficiency which is an amazing add on when for a van.

The hard work which this category vehicle has to do this trait gives relief. The engine and other parts now have extended service time period. The owner does not have to spend money on the maintenance than it used to be for old Crafter.

The manual gearbox has solid build and action but there is some trouble while shifting the gears up or down. If you can afford then the automatic gearbox will give a sigh of relief as it has smooth shifts keeping the driver relaxed and focused. Replacement Volkswagen Crafter engines are going to be an easy task due to availability.

Driving ability of the van

This van drives smoothly and keeps its balance. On very rare occasions it loses its control or equilibrium. If the van is directed to change directions with brakes or it is travelling on a curbed road there will be no problem.

This trait is common in most of the vans of this brand which makes it more like a smaller vehicle. The lowered power engine is good when the transport is used to carry light weights while for the heavier ones you need the next two.

The highest trim is for the ones who are regularly going to carry full capacity loads as it will perform in the right way. The trick is to choose the right engine and avoid the hard work with the manual or automatic gearbox as well as that annoying noise when the van is forced to do more work than it is designed for. Volkswagen engines for sale can be obtained in the market in a budget-friendly way and with ease.

A neat and durable cabin

The cabin is made from durable material and there is a neat dashboard with the touch screen operating the minor ones and physical buttons doing the work for the major functions. A good thing is that there are lots of storage spaces.

So you do not have to worry about where to put the hand carries. With the cup holders and two large bins on the doors, the space becomes largely available. Turn up and you again get storage for other items that are larger in size. The central passenger seat can be turned into a desk while folding it.

And if you do not need the seat at all then there is an option of getting the van with two to sit only. The environment inside is soundproof. You are going to get a reliable working environment with all the goodies in place.

And especially the technology side is going to impress the most. With a user-friendly system inside the technology is going to be a great help rather than hindering the routine.