Why Subaru Outback is a Crucial SUV for Snow Dwellers

Subaru Outback 2016 30
Jan 16

Key to understanding the capabilities of the Outback is understanding its purpose-built structure

If you are living in an area where you need a muscular SUV to help you go for camping, mountain biking, skiing and kayaking with your family and the dogs as well. There is nothing better to buy than a Subaru Outback with smooth and calm boxer engine.

Why Subaru Outback?

Simple, can you name an SUV other than the Outback that can return a fuel economy of 30 miles per gallon on highway, rear-seat leg room more than an Outback but you do not need to consider Mercedes-Benz E-Class as it is a highly priced luxury.

 What makes Outback unique?

It is very important to understand the capabilities of this purpose-built SUV, understand its unique all-wheel drive system. The main difference between the Subaru Outback transmission and other vehicles is that all other vehicles with all-wheel drive virtually transfer power on all four wheels.

These vehicles can send an unbalanced amount of torque to other axles when a pair out of two started spinning. They called it balancing but it’s not. Subaru starts spinning all four wheels at the same time, with similar torque and constantly appropriating the torque as needed at any wheel.

How it works?

When you switched the traction control off, you will never encounter any wheel spin then. But others freely spin up any of the wheels out of four, either front or rear but the Outback strictly engages the front wheels.

Subaru Outback Engines

The Outback is comes with 2.5-litre four cylinder boxer engine that can produce only 176 bhp and a torque of 174 lb-ft. you might think that the engine is weak but it’s just on paper because the boxer configuration with four cylinders is truly a capable motor. Experts says that the 2.5-litre is just fine everywhere else.