Subaru Outback, A Practical Family Car

Subaru Outback 2017 13
Mar 17

Subaru four-wheel drive approach makes it prominent The Subaru Outback is a good choice due to its practicality The Subaru Outback is an impressive vehicle with four-by-four ability. It has improved a lot and in its fifth-generation we have the very refined Subaru Outback in the shape of new model. It has the ability to […]

Why Subaru Outback is a Crucial SUV for Snow Dwellers

Subaru Outback 2016 30
Jan 16

Key to understanding the capabilities of the Outback is understanding its purpose-built structure If you are living in an area where you need a muscular SUV to help you go for camping, mountain biking, skiing and kayaking with your family and the dogs as well. There is nothing better to buy than a Subaru Outback […]

Fifteen Millionth Subaru Boxer Engine

Subaru Fifteen Millionth boxer-engine 20
Feb 15

Golden-wheel manufacturer has finally made their fifteen millionth boxer engine Subaru has passed an unusual milestone after 49 years of keeping its boxers really flat and rolled out the fifteen millionth boxer engines for its golden-wheeled WRX crossover. Legacy and Outback  models will also use this newly born monster. The Japanese automaker has been using the flat boxers […]