Car Engines to be Stopped by Radio Waves

Car Engines Can Be Stopped by RF 10
Dec 13

Do you want your car engine to be stopped by a radio? According to reports, a new prototype device has been developed by a company called E2V which uses radio-frequency pulse to shut down car engines from a range. While the range of the device is fairly short but it did work on a handful […]

Audi Q1 To Arrive in 2016

Audi Q1 to be launched in 2016 3
Dec 13

Audi looks towards the Future with new Q1 launch in 2016 Audi is set to launch a new Nissan Juke rival, which will join the range in 2016. It has been named as the Q1.  It is an SUV and will sit at the bottom of the lineup. It will be targeting Nissan Juke customers […]

An Insight Into LA Auto Show 2013

LA Auto Show 2013 Review 3
Dec 13

From LA Auto Show to Your Roads It’s odd to have two motor shows at the same time i.e. Los Angeles and Tokyo. Tokyo Motor Show was more of a show off in to the future where as Los Angeles showcased cars that will be on our roads soon. Let’s focus on LA, as it […]