Why BMW 330d is The Class Leader?

BMW 330d 11
Dec 17

Those fine and smooth characteristics give it the medal A very interesting fact to know is what people think about a diesel engine. It’s noisy, needs a lot of revs to accelerate and it is mostly underpowered. But these days this is not the case and things have changed to a lot in most of […]

Amazingly Economical New Volvo T5 Hybrid Engines

Volvo XC40 Concept 13
Jun 16

The New Volvo’s T5 engine beats the tough diesel emission standards Last month, the CEO of Volvo Hakan Samuelsson has revealed that they have decided to reveal new three-cylinder T5 plug-in hybrid engine powertrains next year. The new three-cylinder T5 plug-in hybrid powertrain is said to minimise the count of diesel cars Volvo produces as […]