Amazingly Economical New Volvo T5 Hybrid Engines

Volvo XC40 Concept 13
Jun 16

The New Volvo’s T5 engine beats the tough diesel emission standards Last month, the CEO of Volvo Hakan Samuelsson has revealed that they have decided to reveal new three-cylinder T5 plug-in hybrid engine powertrains next year. The new three-cylinder T5 plug-in hybrid powertrain is said to minimise the count of diesel cars Volvo produces as […]

Next Polestar Will be the Volvo V40

Volvo V40 7
May 15

  Volvo V40 could be the next member of the polestar family by joining the S60 and V60 V40 hatchback is the next possible member of the Polestar family. If it is the case, then the V40 will get the new four cylinder Volvo engine. The V40 is one of the high-performance models in the […]

Volvo XC90 T8 is a Contender for Hybrid SUV Crown

Volvo XC-90 9
Dec 14

The new XC90 is out now and it has every trick in the book to beat its competitors with twin charged hybrid powertrain. Volvo XC90 is ready to hit the market with most the sophisticated twin charged hybrid powertrain. All new high performance Drive-E powertrain will be used in the new XC90. Now in the […]

The Volvo XC90 Gets New Groundbreaking Safety Tech

Volvo XC90 City Safety With Auto Brake 23
Jul 14

Volvo’s Vision 2020 Sees New Innovative Safety Technology Volvo has released full details on the safety and parking assist systems that will be fitted to the forthcoming XC90 luxury SUV, set to debut later this year. Volvo claims that the seven-seat SUV will be one of the safest cars on sale powered by world’s two […]

Volvo Cars to Tell You in Future: Your Dinner Is In The Trunk Sir!

Volvo Concept 27
Feb 14

  Volvo’s Roam Delivery service will do the shopping for you GPS allows delivery to be made wherever the user is Digital key used to make delivery and it ceases to exist once delivery is made Everyone loves shopping but no one loves missing a delivery as getting them delivered isn’t always easy. This annoyance […]