On Road Magnets for Self-Driving Cars

Magnets-on-Road---Volvo-Experiment 26
Mar 14

On Road Magnets Will Keep Self-Driving Cars On Track – Volvo’s New Experiment Many of you who have played with self-driving cars in childhood may remember that those cars used pin beneath their chassis to guide them, which eventually fit into the slot on each lane. Engine’s magnets in these cars were the only thing […]

Gran Turismo 6 – Review

Gran Turismo 6 Review 7
Dec 13

Is GT6 the best and most realistic racing game ever? Gran Turismo 6 is the driving game every one has been waiting for and when it came out we couldn’t wait to play it. GT 6 has been hailed as being as close to real-life cars and racing as you can get on a games […]