VW Beetle Dune Sports Car Offers Great Fun to Drive

Volkswagen Beetle 4
Jul 17

Curvy appearance reduces the practicality VW Beetle Dune sports car is a more stylish car than a practical version VW has emphasized more on stylish appearance and good looking body structure of its Dune Sports car rather than to enhance the performance overall. Anyways, it is a good to drive with fun and above all, […]

Volkswagen Beetle Engine is Hundred out of Hundred!

Volkswagen Beetle 2
May 17

Decent handling, utmost interior, upmarket look, smart space inside and powerful frugal engine makes this car a lion in its segment If you are shopping around for a hatchback, then you are very near. Your choice must be Volkswagen Beetle, OMG, it’s simply exciting and powered by powerful and fuel economic engine. Give this car […]