The New Passat with Muscular Engine is Ready to Rock

Volkswagen Passat 8
Apr 17

Passat is sexy and classic car with luxurious feel, spacious interior, upmarket quality cabin History of Volkswagen Passat: Volkswagen Passat is a large family car manufactured since 1973 by German automobile manufacturer, Volkswagen. The Passat came up in eight design generations including first generation B1 (Typ 32; 1973-1981), second generation B2 (Typ 32B; 1981-1988), third […]

Volkswagen Passat Executive and Executive Style boost new efficient engines

Volkswagen Passat Executive gets new engines 4
Jan 14

Volkswagen Passat Executive and Executive Style with new engines Volkswagen Passat has been launched in an all new trim which is on sale from 2nd January. The new trims are the Passat Executive and Passat Executive Style and sits above the entry level S and BlueMotion versions in the range. They are going to be […]