A Review of Volkswagen e-Golf 2017

Volkwagen e-Golf 3
Jun 17

New features of Volkswagen Golf with powerful engine Volkswagen e-Golf 2017 You might confuse e-Golf for Golf because the resemblance is uncanny. But looking a bit deeper you will realise fine changes in the car. Package under the hood What’s under the hood? Buyers are always more interested to find this out. The engine has […]

The Megane is Comfortable to Drive

Renault Megane Hatchback 2016 26
Jan 16

In case you’re searching for a family hatchback, doubtlessly that you have lots of choices. The Renault Megane hatchback is only one car to browse out of a bunch of contenders, where the Ford Focus, SEAT Leon and Volkswagen Golf have the sector licked. The Megane falls somewhat behind a portion of the opposition, just […]

Meet the muscular VW Golf R 400 concept at Beijing Motor Show 2014

VW R400 5
May 14

VW has finally made public a new concept of Golf R 400, at the Beijing Motor Show with 395bhp of power The VW Golf was first introduced 40 years ago and VW was frequently claiming it a sporty looking model but there was actually something missing and it was the potential. Yesterday at Beijing International […]