The all-new E-Class All-Terrain Revealed as Luxury Estate

Mercedes-Benz E-Class 30
Sep 16

Mercedes E-Class All terrain luxury estate gets 2.0-litre diesel engine Is your luxury estate car able to beat the policemen sleeping around the corner? Probably not, don’t worry, because we have a premium estate that can easily beat the vehicles ahead and the most fabulous thing is that it has an SUV like glance but […]

Massive Beauty packed with very Long Wheelbase in the new Mercedes, the Maybach

Maybach Coupe Concept 12
Aug 16

A 6-metre long huge coupe Concept will be revealed in Pebble Beach Concoursd’Elegance Beauty iconic and luxurious sub-brand of Mercedes, the Maybach is making its strong comeback with a new concept car that reveals the future direction for the brand. Recent news reveal that the coming beauty has a very long-wheelbase coupe which is going […]

Will The Mercedes GL-Class Start A New Success Story?

Mercedes Benz GL Class 2017 30
Nov 15

Mercedes plans to bring its 2017 GL-Class models with powerful engine and exclusive tech features The Mercedes GL-class has long history of success and appreciation. The technical details have been revealed of the latest model of GL-class. The German automaker has built its SUV reputation with its flagship S-Class. It would be early to say […]

New Technology doesn’t Change the Car Design Mercedes Argues

Mercedes Designs 22
Jan 15

Mercedes-Benz design officials say that inserting new technologies into cars won’t affect the car design and they wish to keep their classic design alive Head of the Mercedes-Benz design team says that classic cars are their identity and they are highly likely to introduce new technologies into the cars without changing their designs. In this […]

Mercedes GLE Coupe Unveiled

Mercedes GLE Coupe 15
Dec 14

Starting from £53k, the GLE Coupe will compete against BMW X6 The new Mercedes GLE Coupe is being launched next year, but surprisingly it has been revealed ahead of its official unveiling. This beauty has all the necessary ingredients to give BMW X6 some real tough time. Mercedes’ programme director of SUV and SUCs, Axel […]

Mercedes 503bhp 4.0-litre Twin-Turbo V8 That Will Power Its New AMG GT Supercar

Mercedes AMG Engine 13
Jun 14

Mercedes has publicized full details on the newly made 4.0-litre Bi-Turbo V8 engine that will power the upcoming Mercedes AMG GT. With Mercedes fuel efficiency is king, even powerhouse AMG can’t break away from the current downsizing trend. But there are lots to get excited about the new 4.0-litre BiTurbo as it develops more power […]